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HH Dorje Chang Buddha III

H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

By Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche

Although those of us who are the closest disciples of Master Wan Ko Yee knew that our Buddha Master was a great Buddha and no ordinary Dharma King, for many years we did not know His true identity.  Looking back, there were many clues that should have prepared us.  We knew this holy Buddha was the Vajradhara or supreme leader of all Buddhism of this age.  We knew that our Buddha Master was a man of boundless compassion and wisdom and that His supernormal powers were amazing. We also knew that everything He did He did to help living beings.

The disciples of Master Wan Ko Yee compiled an early manuscript of a book about His accomplishments and submitted it to the greatest and most accomplished leaders of Buddhism in the world today. These were incarnations of Buddhas and very high Bodhisattvas who had the wisdom and powers to be able to answer the question as to just who our Buddha Master was. Using proper dharma methods they entered into deep samadhi or journeyed to other realms and found the answer. What they found and reported to the world was that our beloved Buddha Master was in fact the third incarnation in our world of Dorje Chang Buddha.  Only one other time had Dorje Chang assumed a nirmanakaya form and come to this world and that was over 2,500 years ago when He manifested as the great layman Vimalakirti to help Shakyamuni Buddha teach His disciples.

This book, published in 2008 with the title H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III; A Treasury of True Buddha-Dharma contains over 30 testimonials from the heads of the leading sects of Buddhism and many fully enlightened masters. All either identified our Buddha Master as Dorje Chang III or affirmed the process by which His identity was determined and validated the authenticity of those who issued the certificates.
This book also includes 30 categories of remarkable achievements that demonstrate our Buddha Master's accomplishments in the Five holy vidyas and mastery of the Buddha-dharma.

Those who issued recognitions or congratulations include H.H. Dharma King Sakya Trizin, the supreme leader of the Sakya sect; H.H. Dharma King Dodrupchen IV, the sole holder of the complete Longchen Nying-thik dharma; H.H. Dharma King Penor, the third person to hold the position of supreme dharma king of the Nyingma sect; H.H. Dharma King Omniscience Jamyang Lungdok Gyaltsen of the Nyingma sect; H.H. Dharma King Jigme Dorje, the supreme leader of the Jonang sect; H.H. Dharma King Taklung Tsetrul of the Northern Treasure lineage within the Nyingma sect; H.E. Dharma King Trulshik, who is a personal master of H.H. Dalai Lama; H.H. Dharma King Jigdal Dagchen of the Sakya sect; H.E. Dharma King Tsharpa of the Sakya sect, who was also a personal master of the Dalai Lama; H.E. Regent Dharma King Shamarpa of the Kagyu sect; H.E. Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche of the Kagyu sect, a regent dharma king and National Master; H.E. Dharma King Ngagwang Pedma Namgyal Palzangpo of the Jonang sect; H.E. Dharma King Xiazhu Qiuyang of the Geluk sect; H.E. Dharma King Rabjam of the Shechen Monasteries; H.E. Dzogchen Dharma Kings of the Dzogchen Monasteries; H.E. Dharma King Renzeng Nima, the master of Nian Long Rinpoche and dakini Dari Lamao; H.E. Urgyen Xirao Woxiu, the incarnation of Urgyen Lingpa, who was a great Dedengba; Venerable Yundeng Jiangcuo Rinpoche, the incarnation of Patriarch Milarepa; H.E. Khenchen Rinpoche of the Mindrolling Monastery; H.E. Khandro Rinpoche, the incarnation of holy mother Yeshe Tsogyal; H.E. Ganor Rinpoche; H.E. Dharma King Renqing Rongbo Barongbo, an eastern Tibetan dharma king; H.E. Green Jewel Crown Karmapa Dharma King; H.E. Tangtong Gyalpo Rinpoche, a famous figure of great holiness and virtue in Tibetan esoteric Buddhism; the Qinghai Kumbum Monastery, which was the monastery of Master Tsongkhapa; the Mindrolling Monastery of the Nyingma sect; and many others. All of these highest-level dharma kings, rinpoches, and monasteries of various Buddhist sects have recognized or congratulated H.H. Master Wan Ko Yee for being the true incarnation of Dorje Chang Buddha, for being H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, and for having a level of realization and accomplishment unmatched by anyone else in history.